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Africa, a great continent is known for it’s strong, fearless, men and women. Often times, these thoughts stream from hearing of its ancestors who fought on the battle grounds for justice, independence and liberty from slave owners and colonisers. This brave mentality has undoubtedly defeated uncountable fights, however, it has effectively hidden the freedom associated to disclosing times of sadness that naturally occurs in one’s life. Depression is a serious mood disorder and in many cases, entails one losing interest in daily activities. The feeling of internal lack of calmness is almost the worst experience to have and to think that it is the most common mental disability which has no boundaries when it comes to age, race, religion and species is in itself terrifying. As sad as it is, depression is one of the main things that connects humanity. Unfortunately, the common feelings of hurt, isolation and pain is what connects the human race and people get to live with such fe
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For generations, culture created a platform for a group of people to become innovative and expressive of their collective identity, however these expressions in forms of practices have caused society to be comfortable with repression. Discussions concerning the drawbacks that culture brings to its people and society as a whole is one that is often not challenged and most times overlooked, so as to avoid direct confrontation, and to neither disrespect nor upset the feelings of the creators. Majority of these traditional laws sometimes lack factual evidence for the reason of its existence, however it still remains implemented and active in society. Culture emerged as an excuse for men to justify the subordinate roles of women and to demonstrate forms of oppression against the female sex. On numerous occasions, the basic human rights are abused by these traditional practices and these effects encompass both genders and cultural discrimination in the workplace. Cultural stereoty


Unarguably, a patriarchal system – where the male dominates in politics with avowed moral authority, social privilege and control of property, has been adapted and active worldwide for many years of years. However, the believe system is faulty with reasons. Patriarchy has forced women to believe that the presence of a man in her life should be viewed as an honour and a privilege, rather than a peaceful co-existing and co-operation of the two sexes. Consequently, the rights and dignity of women have continuously been trampled upon and abused uncountable times by men. The constant need that women feel to advertise themselves, truthfully or wrongfully to men has remained the norm for a great majority of women, who struggle often to please the man with utterances such as “I know how to cook” or “I will never leave my man if he hits me or cheats on me”. The ancient and current world views in our society have led a great percentage of the female sex to think that lowering their st